system description

minori is a fictive of. well. minori asagiri from mob psycho 100. if you know the source, please don't judge her. they're very much trying to be a good person.

minori split off at some point during summer 2019 and was. not happy about it! due to a combination of her personality and the surrounding circumstances, she very quickly became deeply, deeply depressed and afraid that she could never be a good person. they missed their sibling minegishi as well and the stress was almost completely unbearable.

as you may have guessed from the link text, minegishi split off a couple weeks after minori did, specifically in order to help them, and thankfully it worked. minori is doing much better since they've split off and is mostly okay now and much happier.

minori is dating tsubomi. her pronouns are she/they and she ids as a enby bi(?) girl. teru is her cousin.

self description

since we very literally just made this site, minori hasn't fronted to describe themself yet. tune in whenever that happens to see a shiny new self description by the gal herself

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